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10 / January
Am I Hot or Not?

Katherine Webb somehow manages to parade herself in her underwear, nay, swimwear before pervs, nay, judges evaluating her body. I think she can survive Brent Musburger's glowing assessment of her looks. When the game gets ugly, scan the crowd for beauties. That's what happened at Monday night's national championship game. Webb, who is Miss Alabama and not Miss Vermont remember, has zero problem with Brent Musburger calling attention to her. "The fact that he said that we were beautiful and gorgeous," Webb told the Today show, "I don't see why any woman wouldn't be flattered by that." It's not like Musburger was wearing a ski mask when he expressed his appreciation for Miss Webb's looks. Her bank account will soon thank Musburger for patronizing her in such a way as to elicit this bizarre apology from ESPN. Webb now boasts a quarter million Twitter followers. Opportunity knocks. To hear how loudly it knocks, here's the message I encountered stumbling upon the Miss Alabama pageant site: "Due to extreme traffic this site is temporarily unavailable. Please try again." Miss Webb may want to save that line on a card to hand out to her many enthusiastic suitors.

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Have we gone quite insane as a society when an adult male canít pay a compliment to a very attractive adult female without being referred to as a creep?

I didnít find anything that Musberger said to be offensive or weird. The game was a blowout, the crowd was being scanned to add some entertainment value to the production and they focused on as many beautiful people as possible. Miss Alabama being one of them.

I suppose any inkling normal male/female attraction does not apply in the 21st Century. But frankly, I was very appreciative.

Meanwhile, on CNNís New Yearís Eve extravaganza, ĎDí level comedienne Kathy Griffin puts her face in Anderson Cooperís crotch several times but that is apparently ok. Nothing to see here?

Are we confused yet?!

Posted by: asdf on January 10, 2013 08:58 AM
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