Daniel J. Flynn is the author of The War on Football: Saving America's Game (Regnery Books, 2013), Blue Collar Intellectuals: When the Enlightened and the Everyman Elevated America (ISI Books, 2011), A Conservative History of the American Left (Crown Forum, 2008), Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas (Crown Forum, 2004), and Why the Left Hates America (Prima Forum, 2002).

Flynn writes a Friday column for His articles have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The New York Post, National Review, and City Journal, among other publications. In 2004, Dan launched, which features his blog musings on politics, movies, music, sports, and a variety of interesting topics not addressed in his books. He has been interviewed on The O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, Penn & Teller's Bulls***, Fox & Friends, Donahue, and numerous other public affairs television programs.

Dan's introduction to politics came as a five-year-old attendee of Ted Kennedy's Faneuil Hall address announcing his run for the presidency. At eight, he started a five-year stint as a Boston Globe paperboy, which heightened a curiosity in current events. Earning commission as a Fenway Park vendor for seven seasons instilled an appreciation for the pure market's justice in basing pay on performance. From Parris Island in 1994, Recruit Flynn learned, in a "Dear John" letter certainly crueler than those received by his fellow recruits, that the players had gone on strike; thus, he had worked his last Red Sox game. Sergeant Flynn served for many years as a gunner in a light armored reconnaissance unit and was honorably discharged from the Marine Reserves in 2002.

Dan's upbringing in the Bluest part of the Bluest state has aided his anthropological fieldwork among Leftist Americanus. Physically attacked by aging hippie "Free Mumia" supporters, mooned and shouted down by Berkeley book burners, banned for life from Black Panther reunions, and forced to host a conference in an off-campus park when Columbia administrators succumbed to the heckler's veto, Dan has experienced the Left's "liberating tolerance" firsthand. A frequent campus speaker, he has educated, amused, and annoyed audiences at Princeton, Stanford, Tulane, UC-Santa Cruz, Swarthmore, Smith, Colby, the University of Wisconsin, MIT, the University of Texas, and scores of other schools.

Dan boasts a 2-1 record as a keg-race captain, sports no tattoos but numerous interesting scars, including one etched above his mouth by the wrong end of a Pabst Blue Ribbon bottle, frequents the most disheveled used bookstores, smokes the cheapest cigars, and crashes at the most malodorous hostels when in Europe. An acclaimed cheapskate, he exploits libraries, open bars, public concerts and plays in the park, backporch haircuts, and other free fare. He is interested in Sam Dann-penned episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater, drive-in theaters, Fulcher and Berry's Snuff Box, firewood, the New England Patriots, and Nick Lowe, but by the time you read this he will harbor new obsessions. Mr. Flynn is a husband and full-time father.