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30 / June
'68 Rioters for Obama '08

In 1968, the New Left cost the Democrats the presidency by rioting at their convention and urging young people to shun voting. In 2008, the not-so-new Left may cost Barack Obama the presidency by their vocal support. Read my piece in City Journal online about the '68 rioters, Communist schismatics, and Weatherman terrorists who give Barack Obama the the type of support every candidate wishes for their opponent.

posted at 01:31 AM

Dan, just got back in the world and was listening to you talk about this topic on Howie Carr radio.

The article was good and more scary revealing information about the Obamas choices of friends and supporters.

As before, good interview but too short. Great plug for the book though.

Posted by: asdf on July 1, 2008 04:04 PM

Thanks for listening. I will be on Michael Savage soon on this as well, so the article has received a lot of attention online and over the airwaves.

Posted by: Dan Flynn on July 1, 2008 05:34 PM

I'll have to find out when. I like Savage as long as he stays on topic. He can be a wee bit radical but provided he doesn't ramble on about his private life and/or his little dog, he's ok.

Plus, he loves saying "red diaper doper babies" which fits nicely with the theme.

Again though: all good for the book.

Posted by: asdf on July 2, 2008 09:36 AM
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