10 Reasons Why An Appeal Overturns Tom Brady's Suspension

The Wells Report maintains that it is "more probable than not" that Tom Brady knew of a conspiracy to deflate footballs prior to the AFC Championship Game. It's more probable than not that because of the sloppiness of the Wells Report Brady doesn't sit out a game of that suspension. Wells disbelieving referee Walt Anderson's memory when it undermines his case and believing his memory when it buttresses it stands as a major reason a fair-minded arbiter rules his report unfair. Read my top-ten list @ Breitbart Sports of reasons why Brady's suspension dies before the 2015 season lives. 

Witch Hunt: Tom Brady's Speech in Salem Says It All

Reading the Wells Report ranked close to Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault in the history of letdowns. Here's my piece @ Breitbart on the symbolism of Brady speaking in Salem. In my piece @ the American Spectator, I write that It’s “more probable than not” that the Indianapolis Colts could not have defeated the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game using a rugby ball, a beach ball, a debutante ball, or a Lucille Ball. Elsewhere @ Breitbart I wonder how Ted Wells could give a maybe guilty verdict when eight of the 11 footballs examined by the referees reached a reading precisely at or above where Wells's scientific consultants said they would sink to in such weather conditions.

In Which I Interview Teddy Atlas on Pacquiao-Mayweather

I spoke to ESPN boxing analyst and trainer Teddy Atlas about tonight's Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao bout. Atlas, who hadn't issued his pick for Pacquiao when I caught up with him two weeks ago at Mohegan Sun Casino, noted that the strengths of both fighters--aggression in Manny's case, defense in Floyd's--could play against them. Watch my discussion with Atlas here, here, here, and here.

I'm Not Lovin' It

McDonald’s lost 2.3 percent in sales last quarter. I lost 2.3 percent of my lower intestine after my last Quarter Pounder. Even that fat purple moron Grimace could deduce cause and effect. Read my 12-point plan @ the American Spectator for McDonald's to avoid the fate of Schlitz, the Stanley Steamer, Detroit, and other once-on-top entities.

Gillette Stadium Roar Will Haunt Aaron Hernandez at Nearby Prison

Aaron Hernandez received life in MCI-Cedar Junction. At 25, the "life" part likely pressed down upon him. At 50, the "MCI-Cedar Junction" part of the sentence will. The prison at Walpole sits, as the crow flies, about a mile from the Gillette Stadium complex. The Tom Brady-target will be sentenced to hear the roar of the crowd for the remainder of his life. Read my piece @ Breitbart on how the convicted murderer may never reflect of the life he snuffed out on June 17, 2013, on eight fall Sundays his former fans will force him to think about the other life he ended. 

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night

A postman took a flight from Gettysburg to Washington, D.C., bypassing the obligatory digital-rape from the TSA. He eluded not only handsy feds and naked-body scanners but three imaginary barriers restricting flight in and around the capital. For such offenses, a lawmaker believes law enforcement should have summarily executed the perpetrator of the victimless crime midair. Read my column @ the American Spectator on how calls to kill such amatuer aviators demonstrates the self-importance of officials and degree to which the government fears the governed.

Sci Fi's Pod People

The controversy over the Hugo Awards contains elements of a good dystopian science fiction story. Unfortunately, the media brat-fit over the successful effort to rescue escapist fantasy literature from its political pursuers comes not from the pages of Brave New World but from Slate, Salon, and Entertainment Weekly. Read my column @ the American Spectator on how like video games, sports, and cake baking, science fiction inevitably became politicized by the bores.

The Internet & Its Enemies

Andrew Keen's "The Internet Is Not the Answer" doesn’t start by saying a spectre is haunting the World Wide Web or end by telling us we have nothing to lose but the invisible chains of our smartphone. But it’s method of analysis is familiar enough to anyone who has read Karl Marx. That's too bad. The internet's contempt for copyright disincentivizing several creative industry and erosion of literacy through a promotion of time wasters serve among its chief sins, which certainly merit a book length--not a Tweet-length--critique. Read my review @ the American Spectator on a technological phenomenon that plays as answer and problem, something gained and something lost.

Smell the Glove

True believers attending the Church of St. Hillary have compiled a list of forbidden words, "polarizing," "calculating," "disingenuous," etc., avoided in relation to the former secretary of state under penalty of loud shouts of "sexist!" Read my column @ the American Spectator on how This Is Spinal Tap tells us all we need to know about Hillary Super Volunteers and other humorless ideologues providing much unintentional humor.

Chuck Bednarik Killed Nazis Before Fans Thought He Killed Frank Gifford

Chuck Bednarik, member of two of the three Philadelphia Eagles teams to win a championship and last of the NFL's 60-minute men, died at the conclusion of a week in which another linebacker, Chris Borland, retired after his rookie season because of concerns that football threatens health. Concrete Charlie was 89. Football hardly served as the most dangerous part of his life. He flew as a tailgunner on 30 missions in a B-24 during World War II. Read my piece @ Breitbart Sports on the last of the one-platoon players leaving behind one of the most iconic images in NFL history and taking from us the final link to old-school football.


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