Lions Are People Too

Seeing lions on television instead of out of the corner of your eye tends to inflate your love for the big cats. But Cecil, a socially-conscious king of the jungle, presumably eschewed the parched-grassland delicacies of antelope, zebra, and giraffe in favor of vegan fare. This would explain why his apostles trashed Walter Palmer’s vacation home and St. Sharon Osbourne, married to a known predator of smaller flying creatures, dubbed the hunter “Satan” and called for his head mounted to a wall. Such a beautiful creature would never stoop to the level of a beastly dentist. Read my article @ Breitbart on why lions are people too.

Donald and the Apprentices

Conservatives pick Donald Trump for president because the media picks on him. After emerging beat up from the slings and arrows of Fox News moderators, a bloodied and bruised Donald Trump may actually appear more attractive to GOP primary voters. Read my column @ the American Spectator on conservatives hating the media more than they love their principles.

The Yankee Taliban

Ideologues seek to ban Gone with the Wind from movie houses and dig up Nathan Bedford Forrest's grave. The revival of the War Between the States after a 150-year interbellum thankfully witnesses human simulacrums and corpses as casualties rather than living, breathing people. After killing 300,000 Southerners, destroying Richmond, Charleston, and Atlanta, and imposing martial law on much of the rebellious region for more than a decade, the victors allowed the vanquished to keep their heroes. Read my column @ the American Spectator on how a century-and-a-half later that appears too generous a concession to some.

ESPN Parts with Keith Olbermann--Again

ESPN’s two-year experiment of becoming MSNBC has ended. The network has cancelled Olbermann. Read my piece @ Breibart Sports on why MSNBC, even when it appears on ESPN, still does cable-access ratings.

Stuff White People Did

MTV, perhaps in penance to its early programming choices, later this month premieres White People, a documentary that, as the trailer informs, exposes “what white people have done in America.” Illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas hosts the program. Some people miss their own irony. Read my column @ the American Spectator on the unhealthiness of obsessing over racial "pride" or "shame."

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

My childhood impression held that the Confederate Flag stood for Lynyrd Skynyrd just as Southerners stood in unison for “Freebird” as their “Star-Spangled Banner.” They raised cigarette lighters in reverence to their anthem; Northerners placed hands on heart. They say Palmetto bug. We say cockroach.The propensity of Massachusettsans to glean anthropological understanding of the people on the map they look down upon by watching Deliverance and Mississippi Burning, rather than traveling below the Mason-Dixon Line, surely leads to some misunderstandings. But the reward of firsthand knowledge just isn’t worth the risk of forced sodomy on a canoeing trip or Klansmen stuffing one’s corpse in an earthen dam. Read my column @ the American Spectator on why not everybody who loves the Confederate Flag hates the NBA, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Tyler Perry movies.

Sweet Black Angel

Rachel Dolezal is neither a black woman nor a white one but an angel sent by God to jar us from our collective insanity. Dolezal at least passes for Angela Davis’ younger sister. Bruce Jenner could pass for one of the Twisted Sisters, but that’s about it. We mock Dolezal’s claims of blackness yet rush to call Jenner, a still-musclebound six-foot-two-inch man, “Caitlyn.” Read my piece @ the American Spectator on how our dishonesty rises to the pathological level at least as much as Dolezal’s does.

America Is Transitioning

Transformers, as the Decepticons know too well, fight as a potent military force. But transsexuals? The New York Times, in the wake of Bruce becoming Caitlyn, urges the U.S. military to welcome transgenders. Read my column @ the American Spectator on why unleashing an army of transsexual warriors upon our unsuspecting Muhammadan enemies may be just what it takes to win the war on terrorism.

The Pixelated Moron-Maker

The pope confessed this week to turning off the television for good in 1990. Seventy or so years before Francis' promise to the Virgin Mary, the technology's pioneers promised that television meant big things for mankind. Inventor Lee de Forest exclaimed, “What thrilling lectures on solar physics will such pictures permit!” RCA honcho David Sarnoff predicted “a new horizon, a new philosophy, a new sense of freedom, and greatest of all, perhaps, a finer and broader understanding between all peoples of the world.” My studies have yet to reveal a prophecy of television creating a new race of quarter-ton amoeba-people or transmitting mental retardation to its most faithful viewers. Read my piece @ the American Spectator on the pixelated moron-maker.

Rand and Rubio Drive the Debate

There’s something fundamentally conservative in libertarian Rand Paul telling Republicans to think about how things might get worse instead of better when dreaming about toppling another Middle Eastern government. When I interviewed the Students for a Democratic Society’s first president Al Haber for A Conservative History of the American Left, I asked him in his book-filled living room to define the motivating idea behind the Left: “What is the better world possible?” Rand Paul asks conservatives to consider the worse world possible. Read my column @ the American Spectator on how Marco Rubio and Rand Paul drive the debate in the race for the GOP nomination before the candidates even convene for a formal debate.


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