The Politics of ... Pizza?

Boston's Dudley Dough billed itself as “pizza with purpose.” It turns out that those in the business of purpose cannot long stay in the business of pizza. The purpose of business is, unfortunately for Dudley Dough, business, not purpose​. The pizza parlor featuring Social Justice Mondays and promising "just pay, dignity, and a voice in their workplace” for their workers soon lays off all of its workers. Read my article @ the American Spectator on how social justice makes for a bad business model.

50 Years Ago Today, Che Guevara, Executioner, Executed

Che Guevara played revolutionary until the people treated him as one. Fifty years ago today, Bolivians executed the Argentine as though some rich interloper. Read my article @ Breitbart on how they understood him better than he understood himself.

The Grinch Who Stole Dr. Seuss

Do you delight in 10 Dr. Seuss books for free?

No way, this kid-lit Mein Kampf does not fit for me,

Or children at Cambridge public school’s library.

I will not let them read, refuse to let them see. 


The Lorax—those mustachioed ku klux kreatures,

And them yellow white supremacists the Sneetches,

Make checkout desk place for pulpit-pounding preachers

Trigger warning picture book that young minds bleaches.


How can hardback-lending, brain-bending First Mom argue

For infamous, kite-flying hatemonger Thing 2,

Aryan Nations poster girl Cindy Lou Who,

Or donut-dreaming pale-face David Donald Doo?


Card holders, Dewey dec’mal devotees—trust us;

Libraries not for reading but social justice.

Of people of color Brown Bar Ba Loots don’t fuss;

They suffer from a bad case of false consciousness.


Fear not bibliophiles to make St. Lawrence blush,

To the bonfire with your shelf of Dr. Seuss rush.

Brains become oatmeal, minds transformed to sloppy mush;

To all but ourselves, we librarians say “Shush!”

Remain Calm Democrats, All Is Well

An Animal House, all-is-well quality colored Nancy Pelosi’s Thursday press-conference postmortem of her party’s Tuesday defeat in Georgia.​ She described a loss in a race that stats guru Nate Silver gave Democrats a 70 percent chance of winning as "good news" for for her party. Read my column @ the American Spectator that posits that Pelosi crossed that fine line that separates turning lemons into lemonade from relabeling vats of urine “lemonade.”

Bostonians Strangely Cheer SNL Star's 'Most Racist City' Charge

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che calling Boston “the most racist city I’ve ever been to” continues to elicit peculiar amens in Beantown as denizens rush to prove their enlightened status by attesting to the benightedness of their city. This Jedi Mind Trick of sorts cops to the racism of one’s community as a way of demonstrating the anti-racism of its members. Read my article @ Breitbart on how the city that executed Quakers, served as the hub of the Know Nothing Party, and popularized the phrase "banned in Boston" carries on this intolerant tradition under the guise of tolerance.

Time to Retire the Reductio Ad Hitlerum

Mein Kampf and The Art of the Deal read as two very different books. But their authors strangely strike strange persons as the same person. Read my column @ the American Spectator on how there's something of the Big Lie in always finding a shiny-eyed guy in a Charlie Chaplin-mustache under the mask of presidents of the opposing party.

The Donald v. The Judges

The fauxtrage over President Trump’s continued criticism of the black-robed, white-wigged set works as Exhibit A illustrating how judges don't like their judges. The Ninth Circuit Court, and earlier Judge James Robart, slapped down a Trump executive order. The president slapped back on social media. Read my [email protected] the American Spectator on how judges behaving like politicians get treated by the public, and even presidents, like politicians.

Jock Journalists Rooting Against Tom Brady Because He Rooted for Donald Trump

Sports fans hate Tom Brady because he wins and their team doesn’t, because they imagine he acquired his Super Bowl rings through James Bond tactics, because he married a supermodel, because he makes more money in a weekend than they do in a year, because his politeness masks a predator, and, primarily, just because. Sports journalists hate him because he voted for Donald Trump. Read my article @ Breitbart on how behind every word scribbler lurks a world saver.

GOP Hits a Home Run Finally Playing Hardball on Court

The recent history of conservatives and the Supreme Court looks a lot like Charlie Brown kicking at the football, the Washington Generals hypnotized by Meadowlark Lemon spinning a basketball, or George McFly wearing a kick-me sign on his back in the halls of Hill Valley High School. Read my column @ the American Spectator on how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell changed all this.

Media Mood Shifts from Fun to Funereal During Fourth Estate's Longest Night

You could almost hear the distant din of the funeral-home Wurlitzer. “There’s no other word to describe it—this is a surprise,” Chris Matthews informed MSNBC viewers at 10:35 p.m. Three minutes later Eugene Robinson noted, “The polling seemed to indicate something different than tonight.” Read my article @ Breitbart on how the people who mocked Donald Trump ultimately fell into a state of shock by Donald Trump.


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