Comments: Prediction? Pain

I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself Dan, I think most of us read the leaves the way you did. Even many in the opposition were preparing for defeat.

Thought that Romney ran a good substantive campaign and had some solid coalitions and a clear message. Even had a majority of the coveted moderate voters.

What he didn’t have and what helped the President immensely was the liberal Fourth Estate that can never be underestimated in its collusion with the liberal candidate.

In the end, the message could not be more clear – a majority of people in this country want to be taken care of and prefer big government to do it.

Posted by asdf at November 8, 2012 09:24 AM

Judging from some of the company I keep, I think the Republicans do themselves no favors by running candidates, especially men, who discuss rape and pregnancy. Especially when they express a ridiculous view like the Missouri Senate candidate, and yes this unfortunately affects how all Republicans are viewed.

Also, Republican controlled states passing laws demanding women undergo ultra-sound before aborting also brands the party as a threat to women's rights. This sort of law is unthinkable, or should be, for a party of limited government. Should men submit to lengthy rectal exams before vasectomy? It's nonsense, it hurt Romney's chances, and it is ineffective in persuading women not to abort.

I also think gay marriage is inevitable, so allowing it to remain an issue is another opportunity to lose votes.

Romney is a superior person to Obama; accomplished and possessing a much healthier notion of government. It's a shame we missed this golden opportunity.

Posted by Webster at November 8, 2012 10:27 AM

Good an@lysis. And I agree that it's best that Republicans should down-play any ‘sex related’ issues. Especially as reversing the 19th Amendment is not in the cards.

It's quite amazing that reproductive rights have taken precedence over a crumbling economy with miniscule growth, high un-employment, strangling national debt, inflation and untenable energy costs.

But there it is.

Posted by asdf at November 8, 2012 10:53 AM