04 / September
04 / September
The Red Sox Are Better Than the Yankees

When the Cleveland Indians beat the New York Yankees 22 to 0 earlier this week, I was tempted to blog on the historic beatdown. Having seen the Yankees rebound from defeats in the past, I thought the better of it. Give it a few days, I figured, and see how it all plays out. Well, things are not playing out well for the Evil Empire.

The Orioles beat the Yankees 3 to 1 Friday night. Following the loss, Yankees ace Kevin Brown (don't worry, they have several aces up their sleeve) punched a wall in frustration and broke his non-pitching hand. Earlier in the day, news reports revealed that star firstbaseman Jason Giambi has a benign tumor in his pituitary gland.

Pedro Martinez shut out the Texas Rangers Friday night. The Red Sox have won ten games in a row. After being back ten-and-a-half games a short time ago, the Red Sox are now just two-and-a-half games behind in the AL East. They smell blood. Worse for the Yankees, six games remain with their divisional foe. The Yankees encounter Pedro twice in those six contests, and will face a murderers' row that includes the most potent duo in baseball, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez; the former tailor made for Yankee Stadium, the latter the odds on favorite to win 2004's Most Valuable Player Award.

The Red Sox have put more runs, and allowed fewer, on the board than the Yankees. They hold a commanding lead in head-to-head match-ups. Whereas the Yankees appear as a Mr. Burns, identikit baseball team (in other words, they don't have the chemistry of the Paul O'Neil/Tino Martinez/Scott Brosius Yankees), the Red Sox are a loose club that has gelled together as a team. Most importantly, just as the Red Sox are coming together, the Yankees are falling apart.

One month ago, there were serious doubts that the Red Sox would earn the wild card spot. Now they look strong to win the American League East.

Today, the Red Sox appear as an Indy car catching up to an old, broken-down jalopy. The Yankees are ahead, but for how much longer?

posted at 01:20 AM

There's no way the Red Sox should have been 10 games back with the team they have. The fact that they are back in the race is a testament to the law of averages.

Posted by: Jim Eltringham on September 4, 2004 07:28 AM

Its a testament to their horrible manager/coaching staff!

Posted by: Auc on September 4, 2004 09:41 AM

I was actually at the Cleveland Indians 22-0 rout of the Yanks. It was quite something to watch and really a bit surreal. By the ninth I was pretty positive I was witnessing Yankees history. I have never seen a perfect game or a no-hitter but that game was pretty amazing to witness.

The week before I was at Shea and saw NL MVP (to be) Adrian Beltre smack 5 hits in a row and then I got to see Omar Vizquel hit six in a row, what a crazy week of baseball in New York.

Posted by: Brian on September 4, 2004 01:08 PM

This is all fine and dandy but the baseball season ended last week when the college football season began. Next week the NFL starts and my insatiable need to bet every f$@!&*g contest will surpass my need to eat, sleep and attend to my hygene.

Posted by: J hugh on September 5, 2004 11:39 AM

Missed most of the college football that's been on recently. There's been paint drying that I had to watch.

Waiting the the REAL football to start. NFL right around the corner.

Posted by: Mike Boyle on September 7, 2004 09:40 AM
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