25 / January
25 / January
Hollywood for Ugly People

The made-for-television presidency got the inauguration it deserved. Beyonce outsourced her rendition of the national anthem to a digital facsimile. Alicia Keys transformed "Girl on Fire" into "Obama on Fire" to give a a performance fit for a king--or at least a Qaddafi. Fakeness and sycophancy reigned. Read my piece @ the American Spectator on how at the gauche coronation superficial people attracted one another like magnets.

posted at 09:15 AM

As with the Hollywood and entertainment crowd they so adore, there is very little that is real about Obama and his family.

In fact, we know virtually nothing about this guy (nor does he want us to know) and most of what is known are composites and false narratives.

Posted by: asdf on January 27, 2013 09:47 AM
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