08 / February
08 / February
Poor Richard's Epitaph

English scientists claim to have unearthed the bones of Richard III under a Leicester car park. A greater archaeological find awaits in America. In the nineteenth century, Americans preferred Richard III to all other Shakespeare plays. This strange favorite had less to do with the acting on the stage than the behavior it incited in the seats. Read my article @ the American Spectator on how shows gain larger audiences when they make their audiences part of the show.

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Richard III was much maligned by Shakespeare and the Tudors. Think about a person of royal blood, a King (with a disability to boot), who had the courage and conviction it takes to be the last King killed in battle when he could have been directing the fight from afar. And it was well known that Richard was a man of the people, constructing edicts to make the lives of the miserable common folk better.

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