29 / November
29 / November
Mumford & Sons & the Father

If you want to grasp the bigotry of the anti-bigots please read Spin's review of Mumford & Sons' Babel, which recieves a paltry 4-stars out of ten. I haven't listened to the album--only the very good single I Will Wait--so it may be the case that one of the year's bestselling albums isn't very good. But we don't learn about the album in the review. We learn about the reviewer. He doesn't like God. He writes that Marcus Mumford's parents "are big on the God thing," how "that Holy Spirit and Satan stuff winds all through the band's music," and sarcastically informs that "Pope rock will never die!" We get it. The writer despises Christianity. What I don't get is how he could so despise religion as to dismiss any art associated with it. You don't have to be a Bible-thumper to appreciate "Amazing Grace" or da Vinci's "Last Supper." The music-buying public may have overlooked the religious overtones, such as they are, of Mumford & Sons. But the antennas of atheist scribes are always tuned in to the softest, most oblique references to God. They don't miss a thing--save the music.

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The rise of militant atheism will play out no differently than it has in the past...

Posted by: HomerJFong on November 29, 2012 02:11 PM

It's a shame when people can't separate politics or religion from art but that is usually the case in my experience. Reading this review reminds me a little of your review of 'Chinese Democracy'; I learned that you really liked 'Appetite' and didn't like 'CD' very much. Something to keep in mind for your next music review.

BTW: I was doing some studio work on the east coast in the 80's and played bass, guitar and keyboards on 'Amazing Grace'. I agree it is a cool song and enjoyable to play as well.

Homer: Can you elaborate on your comment please?

Regarding Dan's 11-19 post about Mitt Romney: The press is really doing a buck-buck on ol' Mitt. GQ put him on its list of least influential people. not a fan of Mitt but dam!

Posted by: Ancient Mariner on November 29, 2012 03:02 PM
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