20 / August
20 / August

In the Burger King civil war that has deposed "the king" advertising mascot, I am a Cavalier and not a Roundhead. When the restoration comes, heads will roll. My thesaurus doesn't list "creepy" under its entry for "awesome." Yet "creepy" is the word Time and scores of other media outlets use to describe the king. That guy in make-up who hangs around with Grimace and little kids? He's creepy. The king? He rules.

posted at 02:50 PM

I loved the KING. Especially when they had him superimposed on the football field making plays. It was fun.

In general, BK commercials with the KING were always fun and well thought out. That frozen plastic smile was a hoot. What was not to like.

But I'll have to admit, in some ways, I did find the get up a tad creepy.

I heard that one of the reasons BK is going to boot the KING is that Obama was uncomfortable with anybody else who was referred to as King other than him. ;-()

Posted by: asdf on August 20, 2011 03:09 PM
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