21 / January
21 / January
Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?

Eight years ago, I attended the second inauguration of George W. Bush. This time around I won't even be watching. It's not that I paid any attention to the president's speech in 2004, at least when he made it. I mingled among the protestors. The unscripted and unstaged captivates; the rehearsed and fauxthentic bores. That's why security throwing this rapper off stage for an anti-Obama tirade at a pro-Obama event amused. Like the Obama presidency itself, things usually don't go as the planners planned. Surely the 7.8 unemployment rate--the same as it was four years ago--and the $6 trillion added to the national debt wasn't the plan, right?

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I was at a get together recently with a horde of low information Mass. voters when one guy says that "Barack Obama is the best President we've had". I begged to differ offering times 2 gas prices, high unemployment, more than $6 Trillion in new debt, record increases in government and entitlement spending and his comeback was that BIO go Osama Bin Laden. Okaaay.

When I told him it didn't make any difference because other Jihadis have stepped up and that terrorism is still alive and well, offering Benghazi as an example, he asked what Benghazi was.

And we wonder how this moron got elected President a second time?

Posted by: asdf on January 21, 2013 06:41 PM
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