05 / November
05 / November
The Egg Faces Are Coming

Someone has got it wrong, way wrong. I have never witnessed an election where partisans on both sides were so confident in their candidate's victory (I will reveal my predictions here at midnight). This isn't the kind of brave-face false confidence that losing campaigns inevitably embrace. Both the Romney and Obama supporters anticipating big victories would pass lie-detector tests. Dick Morris sees a Romney landslide. Michael Barone and George Will envision the Massachusetts Republican capturing more than 300 electoral votes. Robert Shrum declares, "Romney, RIP"--on election eve. Nate Silver gives the president an 86 percent chance of victory. Dim Jim Cramer thinks Obama will win 440 electoral votes--something that hasn't been done in 28 years. Okay. So maybe Cramer and Morris would short-circuit the lie-detector gizmo. But the point remains that come Wednesday morning, pundits who take themselves very seriously are going to look very silly.

posted at 09:26 AM

The only way that POSUS wins is if the Dems do what they do best - lie, cheat and steal!

Emphasis on cheating and stealing with regard to rigging the vote.

Which, they have already started to do.

Posted by: asdf on November 5, 2012 11:30 AM
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