04 / January
04 / January
An Inconvenient Thermometer

Like all politicians, Al Gore doesn't keep his promises. He said that if we continued to pollute the environment, our winters would begin to look like summer. Well, I held up my end of the bargain. I drink from Styrofoam cups at every meal, run my car for thirty minutes in the driveway before moving an inch, eat a meat-exclusive diet to offset the vegans, dump my recycling, as well as the recycling of others, in the trash, leave every light on in the house even when sleeping, and donate liberally to the Save the Seal Hunters charity. Despite my zealous efforts, the welcome phenomenon known as global warming won't come. Alas, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. This is what I did the other evening, temperature three degrees and dropping, by sledding in light, granular snow alongside a young accomplice. The mercury hit -3 last night. It happens every year like this. An ice age, followed by the global warming Al Gore speaks of, followed by yet another ice age.

posted at 11:11 AM

Damn those Neanderthals and their SUV's for causing the last Ice Age! They deserved to go extinct!!

I spent the better part of my day yesterday thawing pipes, something I've never needed to do in the 20 years I've been living in my current abode. As Dr. Evil once said, "it's frickin' cold in here Mr. Bigglesworth!". And so it is.

The irony of a group of "Global Warming", "Climate Change", (or whatever they're labeling it these days) true believers having their ship get stuck in Antarctic ice is precious. The fact is, GW/CC is a religion and these people are true believers with a fraud like Al Gore taking up as their high priest. Outside of not believing your lying eyes or the thermometer, there is little to no scientific proof that there is anything at work here other than normal weather patterns and that changes in the Sun is the main reason.

This doesn't stop people from flocking to pay GW/CC charlatans to listen to their drivel or our government from spending billions domestically and billions globally to "fix" something that does not need fixing because it does not exist.

Posted by: asdf on January 5, 2014 09:32 AM

Coming back from Boston today and was reminded that, as a yout, walking Dorchester Bay from South Boston to Dorchester was possible. This was 40 years or so ago and the salt water ice was thick enough to walk. So there's that.

The most important thing that I think the Climate Change crowd needs to understand is what the Change part means.

Posted by: asdf on January 5, 2014 01:44 PM

Facebook post from a friend today, coupled with a picture of our frozen tundra: "An Inconvenient Truth". Naturally, a typical response was soon posted: "Weather and climate are 2 different things".

In other words, be it hot, cold, rainy, snowy, hurricanes, no hurricanes, tornados, no tornados, etc, it is all due to man made global climate change. Sort of a heads I win, tails you lose kinda thing.

Posted by: Rich on January 7, 2014 11:49 AM

It's either a religion or a scam to the people who USE GW/CC. And they dupe the dupable.

Weather and climate are two different things? Really.

Weather raged when humans never existed on this planet and will rage when we are long gone. The self-centered ego of most humans who buy into the fact that they have so much effect on this planet and this Universe is astounding.


Posted by: asdf on January 7, 2014 07:47 PM
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