18 / December
18 / December
There's No 'I' in Flu

I caught the flu. Wouldn't wish it on Fu Manchu. Is there somebody I can sue? Who?

I caught the flu. In bed for 24 hours asleep for two. Who knew? You?

I caught the flu. Snuck up on my shoe? Betrayed by my home crew? Achoo.

I caught the flu. Sweaty chills make me blue. Get a shot, this is your cue. You'd rather be Mr. Roarke's flunky Tattoo.

I caught the flu. Dragnet 1968 me did view. Crunchberries tasted like shampoo. Skipped Patriots tickets and brew.

I caught the flu. The Christmas spirit it did renew. Better to give to you. Than to receive from who knows who.

posted at 12:14 AM

Dan Seuss?

Posted by: asdf on December 18, 2012 10:52 AM

There is that pesky 'influenza' thingy.

I fought the flu, and the flu won.


Posted by: Daniel(no, not that Daniel) on December 18, 2012 01:48 PM
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