26 / November
26 / November
High School Reunion

There is something very unnatural about seeing people once every five years that you once saw every day for four years. I attended my 20-year high school reunion this weekend. The surreal nature of the event heightened my social anxiety to even greater heights. To deal with this, I started drinking with friends--the pre-reunion reunion--at 5:47 p.m. And finished drinking with many of the same friends at 2:59 a.m. at the after party. It's just decadant to drink into the three o'clock hour. The actual reunion felt great. But it left me with a hangover separate from my actual one. My pattern in life, unfortunately, has been to lose contact with friends made--in the Marines, in the DC conservative movement, in college. High school hasn't exactly conformed to this pattern. But reconnecting with old friends made me feel quite weird. Nostalgia, initially thought of as a mental illness, is one of the reasons I have kept off Facebook. To get a sense of what overcame me watch the Twilight Zone episode "Walking Distance." In the reunion's aftermath, my conversationmate quipped that it makes someone a loser to dwell in the past every day on Facebook. But it also makes someone a bit of a loser not to take a day every five or ten years to dwell in the past at a reunion. This made me feel better. In the words of my drill instructor, forward march.

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