11 / December
11 / December

I haven't smoked a cigar for almost a month. Winter normally makes me a tobacco teetotaler. It's just uncomfortable to smoke an entire cigar outside when the mercury sinks into the thirties. Indoors isn't an option. I'm an atavist, not a barbarian. Last year, because winter more closely resembled summer than winter, I never quit. But I made up for it by dropping Coca Cola for the month preceding Thanksgiving. January, conveniently immediately preceded by a drinking holiday and containing just four weekends, stands to serve as my alcohol-free month for 2013. When something becomes a staple, you cease appreciating it. And quitting for good, assuming that day comes, will probably start with quitting for a week, a month, a season. Back in '06, I smoked my last cigar in Poland and didn't smoke another one for another two years and a continent later. Perhaps this cigar prohibition will outlast the winter. Perhaps the winter won't outlast it.

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