17 / December
17 / December
2nd Amendment Booze Pain Pills Chiefs CTE Caused Jovan Belcher to Kill

Ghoulish doctors exhumed the body of Jovan Belcher on Friday to examine his rotting and bullet-busted brain. If they find tau deposits in his brain, will it mean that Belcher is any less responsible for murdering his girlfriend and himself? The doctors performing the controversial, headline-grabbing autopsy won't reveal their identities. Read my piece @ Breitbart Sports on the latest rationalization for why the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker killed his daughter's mom.

posted at 01:09 PM

I understand that in 21st century America the downward spiral of searching for any excuse will probably not end because of our litigious society, but could it be that a violent game played by violent men is more to blame for this kind of behavior than some phobia, dependency or work place injury?

To play football, one needs to be a bit crazy. To play at the high level that professionals play at takes that and more. Even the seemingly normal guy next door types do a good job masking it but they too are a bit nuts.

So does the violence and all that goes with that, the entitlement mentality that develops due to having money and fame on the field change off the field? I don't think so.

CTE my butt. Everybody looking for the payday instead of R.I.P..

Posted by: asdf on December 17, 2013 07:25 PM
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