06 / December
06 / December
Pushing America Off the Fiscal Cliff

The Democrats' desired deal is no deal. The fiscal cliff, as their former chairman Howard Dean candidly admits, is the best deal they can get. Why would they negotiate themselves, at least from their perspective, into a worse deal by cutting government and jettisoning scheduled tax hikes? The fiscal cliff gives them, more or less, what they have been calling for. This is why the president's demands to avoid going off the fiscal cliff include such non-starters as increased stimulus spending and new unconstitutional powers to unilaterally increase the debt limit. They want to go off the fiscal cliff and their price for not doing so will prove greater than the fiscal cliff itself. Read my article @ FrontPageMag on why John Boehner finds himself in an unenviable bargaining position because he bargained himself into it.

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Riddle me this? If the job market is improving and unemployment is dropping, why, as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, is Obama insisting on an extension of unemployment benefits?

Posted by: asdf on December 10, 2012 01:24 PM
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