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26 / December
The Year of the Fauxtestor

Protestors in the Middle East demonstrated against the power and control of their governments. Protestors in the United States demonstrated to make their government more powerful and controlling. Yet Time magazine's "year of the protestor" imagines the activists fighting against socialist big-governments around the Middle East as the same as the socialist activists fighting for big government in the United States. Read my column @ Human Events on how it may be the year of the protestor in Tahrir Square, but in Zuccotti Park it is the year of the fauxtestor.

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The Occupy Together movement is chiefly responsible for agitating the public and the media-at-large by highlighting government corruption and the homicidal, parasitic, incompetent activities of private business enterprise. Most of the maxims and motifs of private business enterprise have gone unchallenged, including the inversion of Christ's argument that the love of money is the root of all evil. To the contemporary conservative bungler and apologist, the pursuit of wealth (which is functionally identical to the love of money) is the summum bonum, or highest good, and these greedy scumbags and sociopaths truly believe that private greed always produces the best public outcomes, which is laughably and insultingly stupid.

The Occupy Together movement was the first large-scale challenge to this deeply ingrained belief, which is the result of billions of dollars of private business enterprise propaganda, with all the attendant evils that have accompanied the triumph of parasitic, unproductive elements of finance and business, resulting in massive downward social mobility over the past three decades (this generation will be the first in American history to be less wealthy than the previous, thanks to conservative supply-side economic programs).

Posted by: PMA on December 28, 2011 01:01 PM

Well, this'll be a waste of time, but:

Jon Corzine was a conservative? Really?

Definite bungler though. Always reassures me when someone loses that kind of money and then claims to have been snookered.

Tim Geithner? Larry Summers?


Barney (I meant "rent" not "own") Frank?


etc, etc, etc.

I do like your "bungler" meme though. Use it a couple thousand more times...maybe you'll get some traction.

And what exactly is your proof that any of the folks at Lehman's, or any of these other financial institutions are "conservatives?"

It's really not defending their actions to point out the narrow mindedness (one track mindedness?)of your posts.

Posted by: NR on December 28, 2011 01:37 PM

Because I can't suffer an atheist to teach matters of religion, PLEASE show me where Christ ever made a claim that love of money is the root of all evil.

That you can't get that right is unsurprising. Without any firm, or even discernible, moral principles upon which to base your "conservatives are mean" argument, you make even less sense than usual.

Posted by: Homer J. Fong on December 28, 2011 02:50 PM

That was a noble sounding diatribe PMA. But it's the alleged 'greed' of private business and private enterprise that IS the engine of prosperity for all and eventuall leads to innovation through the free market.

The rising tide raising all boats, as it were.

It seems to be only since this most recent phenomenon where some private businesses have been forced to get into bed with a voracious and ever greedier government that things have gone horribly wrong and the balance of capitalism is out of whack. Rules for some but not for all.

Other than those who manipulate it, some might see fighting against profit as a righteous goal but profit is what itís all about from the lowliest laborer to the most wealthy business man. All else is socialist claptrap and class warfare.

Welcome to Obamanation.

And it's so nice that you've found religion during this most holy of times. I'm very happy for you and it's nice to see that you're getting it.

Posted by: asdf on December 28, 2011 08:37 PM

"Mugabe was a rebel leader of a resistance movement, while Obama was a community organizer. Both men promised fundamental change, and both were dismissed by a citizenry intoxicated with the self-actualizing myth of their own historic permanence. Cloaked in the rhetoric of social justice, both men sought to address past wrongs in measures that enshrined widening inequality. In the case of Rhodesia, a bi-cultural society was formed along racial and class lines, and through the exploitation of envy, an advanced nation was reduced to a third-world basket-case dictatorship of unimaginable evil. America today is being segregated into a bi-cultural society along many lines, but ultimately into the "haves" and the "have-nots." Grandiose attempts are being made today in an effort to right past wrongs, promising heaven on earth."

Haves and have nots. Sound familiar?

Posted by: Mike O'Brien on December 28, 2011 09:29 PM
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