29 / December
29 / December
The Decay of the House of Kennedy

It was a bad December for the Kennedys and their former political playground. From the Temple of Ted losing its battle to gain $30 million in earmarks to Patrick Kennedy's departure from political office marking the first Congress without a Kennedy in a half century, the political dynasty had a rough month. Massachusetts, the Kennedys' longtime political base, lost a House seat--their fifth in as many decades--due to Census reapportionment. Read my article @ FrontPageMag on the decay of the Kingdom of Kennedy.

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If only it had started in the late 50's, things in this country might have been different. At least with regard to that reprobate Ted.

On the other hand, it could be said that Lee Harvey Oswald was instrumental in causing a major shift in this country once Lydon B. Johnson was installed as Statist in Chief and champion of government expansion.

Posted by: asdf on December 29, 2010 07:35 PM

If you look at Joseph P. Kennedy's grandchildren, you see a crew who show the signs of a severe disjunction:

1. Considerable wealth;

2. Celebrity and the capacity to command public interest. (It is said that any event that Carolyn K. Schlossberg attends is automatically A-list, for whatever reason);

3. No more than ordinary levels of achievement motivation;

4. Somewhat supranormal levels of pathology, with about a quarter having spent some part of their adolescence and young adult lives a mess;

Most of them have been employed at a mix of housewifery and positions in the salaried apparat of one or another philanthropic concern. Only a few have prospered in demanding trades with satisfactory operational measures of competence (one a physician, one an investment banker, and one in the real estate business).

One gets the impression that Patrick Kennedy went into politics because he was merchandise the Rhode Island electorate was oddly willing to buy and it saved the family the trouble of finding him a position in the fund raising office of the Special Olympics.

I doubt you will be hearing a whole lot from this crew in the coming decades. Life as ordinary Americans (or life as local patricians) will (one suspects) be more agreeable and beneficial to them.

Posted by: Art Deco on December 29, 2010 08:11 PM
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