28 / January
28 / January
Last Call

Me and my friends, in a high school scheme that only a lack of money and a desire for beer could inspire, once conspired to visit several package stores for the purpose of downing a beer in each one's back cooler. The "beer cave," we reasoned, offered many hiding places to avoid detection. We never went through with our nefarious plan. A 67-year-old Louisiana man entered a beer cave on Thursday never to return. More than eight hours after Orlando Merced entered a convience store cooler in Kenner, Louisiana, employees found him dead. Store surveillance shows that he likely suffered a heart attack after he picked out a case (Stroh's will have that effect on a man?) shortly before the store closed. I don't think that I would mistake a tomb of Keystone thirty-packs for heaven. But I know a few people who would.

posted at 10:00 AM

That is brilliant! Travel from store to store and shoot a couple of cans in the dim light of the beer cave.

Were I younger, I would make it my quest.

Posted by: asdf on January 28, 2013 06:44 PM
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