17 / December
17 / December
A Tough Nut That Cracked

Three days after the horrible Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, we have more questions than answers. The question that we may never have an answer to is "why?" We stop making sense when we try to make sense of the senseless. To impose reason on those without it is itself a form of unreason. Nuts crack easily. But they're tough to crack.

posted at 10:40 AM

Certainly, there have always been crazies and unstable individuals. But does one get the message that in current times these people are more easily pushed over the edge? And that that push can likely escalate into violence? Particularly in the case of younger folks, there seems to be a sense of desperation. They are bombarded with news of a bad economy, poor prospects going forward, shortages, cultural depravity, etc..

Add to this that we live in a manufactured culture of Godlessness and death. We are told that religion is dead, human life is marginalized with abortion, birth control that advertises that having babies is a punishment, media and ‘entertainment’ loaded with depictions of death and destruction.

All of this might be handled with varying degrees of difficulty by thinking members of society who are able to assess and rationalize a given situation. But to a fragile mind or a developing mind, it all could be too much.

Posted by: asdf on December 17, 2012 01:33 PM

Could/would/should, who really knows? Crazy is crazy. I just hope the families and friends of the victims can come to grips with it someday.

Posted by: Ancient Mariner on December 17, 2012 02:02 PM

The media is the primary driver of these events. I've devoted a few hours time to internet media coverage, and I cannot name a single, solitary victim of this crime, but I know everything I would ever want to know about Adam Lanza, his brother Ryan Lanza, his father, and his mother. Therein lies the problem.

From Joseph Grenny,

"[The media] did exactly what they needed to do to influence the next perpetrator to lock and load.

They named the shooter.
They described his characteristics.
They detailed the crime.
They numbered the victims.
They ranked him against other “successful” attackers."


This article was written the day BEFORE the Newtown, CT, massacre, about the Portland mall shooting.

Posted by: PMA on December 17, 2012 11:26 PM

Excellent point.

WSJ had a front page expose on the victims and quite a bit of personal information about them. Very touching and so sad.

Posted by: asdf on December 18, 2012 10:50 AM

Not trying to promote another author, but I thought this was well said by Steyn:

"It would not be imprudent to expect that an ever broker America, with more divorce, fewer fathers, the abolition of almost all social restraints, and a revoltingly desensitized culture, will produce more young men who fall through the cracks. But, in the face of murder as extraordinarily wicked as that of Newtown, we should know enough to pause before reaching for our usual tired tropes. So I will save my own personal theories, no doubt as ignorant and irrelevant as everybody else’s, until after Christmas — except to note that the media’s stampede for meaning in massacre this last week overlooks the obvious: that the central meaning of these acts is that they are without meaning. Herod and the Pennsylvania Indians murdered children in pursuit of crude political goals; the infanticidal maniac of Sandy Hook was merely conscripting grade-school extras for a hollow act of public suicide. Like most mass shootings, his was an exercise in hyper-narcissism — 19th-century technology in the service of a very contemporary sensibility."

Posted by: asdf on December 21, 2012 05:12 PM
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